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Webinar ID : 810 1983 4263

12.30PM  - 1.30PM


Keeping Healthy & Safe at Work

Getting aches & strains from long hours of deskwork? Also, do you know that slips, trips & falls are the most common causes of workplace injuries? This workshop will provide you with knowledge and practical tips on workplace ergonomics and how to create an ideal workstation.


In addition, you will learn about workplace hazards and good workplace safety & health practices to prevent unnecessary incidents!


Webinar ID : 837 2638 6190

12.30PM  - 1.30PM


Strengthening Resilience through Stress Management

We live in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world. How can we thrive in difficult times? Learn to strengthen our resilience to cope with stress. Join us as we focus on enhancing our resilience through building a resilient mindset. Pick up practical strategies to manage stress for resilience.

Details of programme outline:
Importance of strengthening holistic well being to thrive in our Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous (VUCA) world?
Learning to be “Learning Agile”
Be flexible, open to change, thrive on new experiences, taking risk


Webinar ID : 880 0135 8200

12.30PM  - 1.30PM


Supporting Distressed Colleagues

Do you find yourself not knowing what to do or say when your colleague is stressed up, worried, or sad? Do you worry about saying the wrong things that could make the person feels worse? In this session, you will learn Para-Counseling Skills to provide emotional support to fellow colleagues in a workplace environment.

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