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This year, Singapore commemorates its 59th birthday with the theme "Together, As One United People" highlighting the collective strength of our people and the importance of every citizen rallying together to share our future and uplift those around us.


The NDP 2024 theme song, ‘Not Alone,’ adopts a first-person perspective and incorporates melancholic lyrics to validate Singaporeans' feelings, while encouraging collective progress.


Supporting Your Kakis with CARE

As we celebrate unity, it’s crucial to extend support to those facing challenges. Throughout our lives, some of us may face challenges and difficult periods. We can play an important role in reaching out and providing the support and comfort to those we care.

As it may not always be obvious when someone we care for is having a hard time, we can look out for them by paying attention to changes in mood, changes in behaviour and events in their life that can affect them.

To show our support for those

around us, we can act with CARE.

Show Concern:

Express that we care and we want to help

Actively Listen:

Give them our full attention and show them that we are interested in what they are sharing with us.

Respond Effectively:

Communicate well to create a safe space that encourages someone to trust and open up to us.

Be Empathetic:

Put ourselves in their shoes to understand their feelings, so we can better support them.

Sometimes we just need to vent, and friends and family are always willing to listen to you. Sharing your troubles with people you trust not only relieves stress — you’ll also gain a different point of view on how to tackle your problems. Your loved ones can also give you strength, support, and that extra emotional boost to help you manage your stress.

Physical health is also enhanced through communal activities like exercising together. If you find it hard to exercise by yourself, grab your family or friends to join you for a workout.

Jio Your Kakis for Group Fitness

Common reasons for quitting a fitness programme when exercising alone include a lack of drive and boredom. Regular workouts in the same group provide peer motivation, as members and workout buddies can encourage each other and achieve fitness goals together. Being part of a team will make you think twice about hitting that snooze button as you will feel accountable to your group mates.

Playing team sports can help with your social and mental wellbeing while providing a powerful way to build your fitness level and reduce stress. Fun team sports and group exercise can reduce the levels of stress hormones in your body and trigger the release of brain chemicals like endorphins which will naturally lift your mood, to make you feel happier and more relaxed.

Team sports and group exercise have been proven to help improve mental health. A study found that exercising in groups might protect people against depression. The Singapore Physical Activity Guidelines also explains that engaging in physical activity, particularly in a group setting, improves an individual's psychosocial health, which leads to greater productivity and better quality of life.

Aim for at least 150 to 300 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity and at least 2 days of muscle and bone-strengthening exercises per week. Weight management is just one health benefit of regular exercise. You’ll be able to prevent heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and other chronic conditions too.

As Singapore commemorates its 59th birthday with the theme "Together, As One United People" let us embody this spirit by supporting our kakis with CARE and embracing group fitness activities.

Gather your friends and explore free workouts

near your workplaces!

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