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Grab a Fitness Tracker to
Boost Your Physical Activity Today!

Perhaps the first step you can take to nudge

yourself towards the goal is to get an activity tracker,

which may also be known as a pedometer, step-counter,

fitness tracker, etc. In fact, studies show that activity trackers

help their wearers engage in longer and more frequent

activities to reach their fitness goals.

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Do jot down the letters

to solve a riddle in the final

submission form

Key benefits of wearing an activity tracker:

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1. When physical activity is measure, exercise goals

are more easily achieved


2. A little nudging from a fitness tracker motivates

3. Collect points and badges for workout motivation, an app-based activity tracker or fitness tracker “promotes” you to different statuses and awards you with badges based on how much you have exercised! Like joining the National Steps Challenge which rewards you with Healthpoints for clocking your daily steps and exercise minutes!

4. Sweating it out is more fun with an activity tracker – like friendly messages from your activity tracker, collecting badges and moving up leader boards.

5. Helps to cultivate the habit of engaging in regular physical activity

Read on more here:

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”Changi Easter QR Hunt" is organized in partnership with

National Steps Challenge™ Season 6 Corporate Challenge.

For any enquiries, you can e-mail to or call 9027 3873 (10am - 6.30pm)

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