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Team Axis’ Whistleblowing Framework provides a platform for individuals to disclose any observed improprieties that involve Team Axis’ employees, trainers and/or facilitators, without fear of reprisal.

All instances of whistleblowing will be independently reviewed and investigated. Results of investigation will also be reported to the Audit Committee.

Whistleblowers should report their concerns in good faith. The whistleblower’s identity and the concerns raised will be kept confidential, unless as required by the law to reveal to parties such as lawyers, the police or investigators.

Instances warranting a report

Inappropriate Conduct comprises various unlawful activities, including but not limited to drug sale or use, acts of violence or threats, property damage, sexual harassment, money laundering, and financing of terrorism.

Corruption/bribery involves the receipt, solicitation, offer, promise, or provision of any form of gratification with the intention of influencing a person to act in a corrupt manner. Gratifications may include, but are not limited to, money, sexual favours, properties, promises, and services. Such corrupt actions may seek favours such as the disclosure of confidential information, leniency, special privileges, and the awarding of contracts.

Fraud is an illicit activity marked by deception, concealment, or a breach of trust, with the aim of acquiring money, property, or services; evading payment or the loss of services; or gaining a personal or business advantage. Examples of fraud encompass misappropriation of assets, forgery, and the improper use of information obtained during employment.

Reporting a concern

All concerns should be made in writing, either in the form of a letter or email, and should include the background, history of events, reasons for raising the concern, persons involved and evidence to support the concern raised.

Channels to report

Online Form:

Postal: 33 Ubi Ave 3, Vertex Tower A, #03-20, S408868

To enable Team Axis to effectively investigate your concerns, the following information should be provided, where possible:

  1. Your contact information;

  2. Name(s) of person(s)/company(ies) involved;

  3. Your relationship with the reported person(s)/company(ies);

  4. Detailed description of the incident (including date, time, location, methods and action/ behaviour);

  5. Period of time the impropriety had been perpetuated;

  6. Has management been informed (if yes, please provide the notification date and contact information of the person notified);

   7. Physical evidence and any other information that may substantiate the incident.

We encourage whistleblowers to provide their names and contact numbers to facilitate investigations.

Confidentiality and Anonymity

Team Axis assures complete confidentiality of reported information and whistleblower identity to the fullest extent possible.


Upon receipt of a written or email-conveyed concern, an assessment of the raised issue or information will be conducted, taking into account the following factors:

  1. The seriousness of the raised issue.

  2. The credibility of the concern or information.

  3. The likelihood of confirming the concern or information from attributable sources.

Depending on the nature of the concern or information, an investigation will be initiated, involving one or more of the following individuals or entities:

  1. The Audit & Risk Committee

  2. The Police or Commercial Affairs Department

  3. The level of interaction between the whistle-blower and the individuals conducting the investigation will be determined by the nature and clarity of the reported matter.

Additional information may be sought from the whistle-blower throughout the investigation. 


Upon completion, the investigating officer(s) will present their findings to the Audit & Risk Committee for necessary action. Team Axis will compile the number of concerns submitted through the whistle-blowing channels and provide updates to the Audit & Risk Committee at each meeting.

Training and Awareness

  1. Team Axis commits to regular training for all employees, trainers, facilitators and stakeholders on the whistleblowing policy and reporting procedures.

  2. Team Axis has included information about the policy in employee handbooks, onboarding materials for trainers and facilitators via Team Axis App.

  3. Team Axis strives to have an open communication and a culture where reporting concerns is seen as a positive act.

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