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We engaged Team Axis Pte Ltd for a Health Promotion Board (HPB) Programme called " Be Smart, Don't Start!" and the instructors were very approachable and efficient in their work. Great team in collaboration! Keep it up!


Mr Bryan Chao

Teacher In Charge

East Spring Primary School

We have recently engaged Team Axis Pte Ltd to assist in planning our first mentorship camp. The camp was supposed to provide opportunities for the mentors to meet the mentees for the first time and to help build rapport between them, allowing mentor-mentee matching. I am happy to say that Team Axis Pte Ltd was able to successfully carry out the camp, meeting all these objectives. They had been most helpful in helping to craft out the programme, offering insights and their expertise. In addition, they had been skillful in engaging the youths through the activities and have been very encouraging to the youths. What amazed me was how they were able to adapt to last minute changes and wet weather. They have indeed been very supportive and I am glad to have been able to partner Team Axis Pte Ltd for our first mentorship camp, which ended in success.


Mr James Lim


Youth Guidance Centre (Student Advisory Centre)



Good Job Team Axis Pte Ltd! Your trainers did well in executing our project objectives. Trainers were well equipped in knowledge and skills needed in dealing with ‘at risk youths’. Keep up the good work guys!


CPL Mohamad Thahir

Project Green Leaf Committee Member

Singapore Police Force



Team Axis Pte Ltd provided Tennis exposure programme for Singapore 2010 Youth Sports Conference. The coaches were very professional and provided an entertaining 4 hours Tennis Programme. The partici