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Sports Nutrition


Ever wondered what you should eat for optimal performance in your area of expertise? Team Axis introduced this course to help athletes answer this question. Students will have a better understanding of how their diet can actually impede their physical performances and how to take advantage of this knowledge to gain the competitive edge. Weightmaking sports athletes will also learn how to drop their weight without affecting their performance.

Exercise Programming


Students will possess competencies in fitness appraisal and demonstrate an ability to prescribe fundamental exercises for themselves, by the end of this course. Materials and worksheets will be provided to all students.

Fun, Dynamic, Exhilarating, Team Axis brings a fresh approach to the industry. Our specially designed sports programmes seek to influence participants to exude the self-confidence that skilled athletes possess. Students are motivated to practice harder and perform better as a result of this new-found confidence.


Team Axis employs specifically selected certified trainers with vast amounts of knowledge, passion and experience, all dedicated to meet your requirements. We provide our coaches with ongoing, specially developed education (MDCT), which makes us confident of having the most enthusiastic youth sports coaches in the industry. With new and innovative approaches alongside continual education, our trainers are ready and eager to fulfill a myriad of roles.


One of the major features of our Sports Coaching Services is that all our coaches are regularly engaged in Team Axis’ In-House sports training workshops.


We strongly believe that coaches are supposed to constantly improve their coaching skills, both technical as well as student handling. On top of that, majority of Team Axis’ coaches are also Social Emotional Learning (SEL) trained, allowing coaches to bring out the best of every student.

Sports Education

Sports Psychology


Working with athletes’ goals, Team Axis coaches will impart practical techniques to help improve sporting performance and results. Students will learn visualizing techniques to help keep them calm and focused. Coupled with self motivational strategies and confidence boosting self-talk, athletes can be sure that they are just as fit mentally, as they are physically.


Injury Management


This programme covers symptoms of common sporting injuries, as well as the care and prevention of these injuries. Students will also learn fundamental principles and concepts of exercise rehabilitation, as well as basic first aid.


Exercise Physiology


This programme will cover what happens in the body during different exercise conditions. Students will also learn the processes the body undergoes to produce energy for physical activity.


Gym Orientation


Want to expose your students first-hand approach to proper exercise techniques in the gym? Students will be taught at least 2 exercises for each muscle group and the appropriate weights to use for their desired fitness goals. Proper breathing techniques, muscle activation and biomechanics will be the emphasis of this programme.



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