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The Sweet Danger of Sugar

With a wide array of sugar options available today,

many of us feel confused at what are the differences are.

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Do jot down the letters

to solve a riddle in the final

submission form

Do you know that Raw and Brown Sugar are not healthier? Here’s why:

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1. White Sugar is the common type of sugar. They are extracted

and refine from the natural sugars that occur in sugar cane and

are 99.9% pure sucrose with no minerals.

2. Raw Sugar contains 99% sucrose and even though they may

be some minerals within, their health effect is almost negligible.

The common misconception about raw and brown sugar is that

they are healthier than white sugar.

3. Brown sugar is often used in baking but do you know it

contains 95% sucrose and 5% molasses, which is the reason for

the toffee flavour and moistness. They have some minerals like raw sugar,

but they contain no distinct nutritional advantage over white sugar!

Learn more on the 5 must know facts about sugar here

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