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Wondering how to have a balanced meal?
Use My Healthy Plate

My Healthy Plate.

 is an easy way to plan healthy meals for your breakfast, lunch and dinner without the need to count calories or read long lists of ingredients. By remembering “Quarter, Quarter, Half”, fill your plate with “Quarter” wholegrains, “Quarter” good sources of protein, and “Half” fruit and vegetables. If you are unable to fulfil the recommended proportions immediately, you can make it up in your next meal.

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My Healthy Plate will help you:

- Eat a variety of foods

- Control your portion sizes (amount of food you place on your plate)

- Prevent chronic diseases including diabetes

- Control your blood glucose levels if you have diabetes

Understand more about my healthy plate here:

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Do jot down the letters

to solve a riddle in the final

submission form

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”Changi Easter QR Hunt" is organized in partnership with

National Steps Challenge™ Season 6 Corporate Challenge.

For any enquiries, you can e-mail to or call 9027 3873 (10am - 6.30pm)

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